CCL Finance

CCL Finance

Corporate Capital and Leasing Pty Ltd (CCL Finance) is an Australian-owned equipment and general finance brokerage, whose owners have been continuously involved in equipment finance and broking since 1986.

CCL Finance is a member of the Commercial Asset Finance Brokers Association (CAFBA) and the aggregation group College Capital. Our membership of College Capital ensures we have massive buying power and a wide range of finance products.

From our base in Melbourne we provide equipment financing solutions all over Australia. We specialize in the provision of vendor finance programs for equipment sellers and we deal direct with a growing numbers of businesses, councils, universities, schools and others.

Our suite of products includes, but is not limited to: chattel mortgage, rental and operating lease, finance lease, hire purchase, and lease in escrow. We also provide inventory finance, invoice discounting and factoring.

Where necessary, we assist with financial forecasting and modelling and in the writing of business plans.

If you are opening a new business, expanding to a new site or territory, or buying or opening a franchise site, call us and make the process easier. We will help you with a TOTAL finance solution.

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Corporate Capital and Leasing Pty Ltd, 101 Heatherleigh Road HAMILTON VIC 3300
(PO Box 918 HAMILTON VIC 3000)
(Reg. Office: Suite 224, 1 Queens Road MELBOURNE  VIC  3004)